Bands You Should Know: PAPA (exclusive interview)

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For the first installment of our Band You Should Know series, I submit for your approval, PAPA. The four-piece band out of Los Angeles makes earnest, anthemic rock.

The band consists of brothers Darren Weiss, Evan Weiss, Danny Presant, and Alex Fischel. When Girls broke up after Christopher Owens began a solo career, Darren Weiss moved back to LA from New York and formed PAPA with childhood friend Fischel. It’s pretty apparent that the move has and will pay off. PAPA became critical darlings off their first EP A Good Woman Is Hard To Find. The band will be releasing their first full length Tender Madness in less than a week. Based off of the handful of tracks released thus far, this thing will be a force to be reckoned with.

Lead singer Darren Weiss’ vocals, in both their tone and lyrics, remind me of a fatherly figure passing down advice on love and life in general learned the hard way, with a mature, yet rebellious, streak that gives each line even more credibility. PAPA’s veteran tendencies don’t end there.

The music itself matches the vocals with it’s ambition and enthusiasm with a sensibility to give the music the space it needs to fully thrive. The drums pulse with a Springsteen-like (or Weinberg-like, rather) ferocity. Meanwhile, high, short bursting guitar riffs trade blows with stadiums sized power chords. To balance it out, he keyboards provide a celestial feel. Very rare is it possible for the timeless combination of drums,  guitar and keyboards to sound utterly unique to a band, but PAPA pulls it off.

If you could organize a music festival with no limitations. Where would it be and who would the three headliners be?

Patti Smith, Talking Heads reunion, and Bruce Springsteen at my parent’s house in Encino

Who are your favorite “guilty pleasure” bands

PAPA is the band I feel most guilty to listen to

What is the best thing about being an indie band in LA? What is the worst?

Based on what people consider indie these days, I don’t think we are an indie band, but being compared to indie bands is definitely the worst part

What was the first CD you purchased without your parents permission? Do you still have it? 

Snoop Dogg – Doggy  Style


We at The Eargazm, love unheard of bands. Help us out. In your opinion, who are a few bands that deserve to be more well known?

The Nerves

What are your rehearsals/practices like? Tell me a bit about your process of writing your songs. 

I write on acoustic guitar, my songs kind of sound like folk songs before I bring them into the group, and Danny’s style is more like a hip hop producer where he creates loops and uses synths and so forth before put vocals down.  If somebody fucks up in rehearsal, they have to put a dollar in the jar, if you fuck up at a show, its 5 dollars

What is the weirdest show you have ever played? Why? 

We once played on the roof of the mandalay bay hotel and resort in Las Vegas.  My uncle was there.

I’ve had multiple girls gush to me that you are one of their favorite bands. What is everyone in the band’s relationship status?

Evan, Danny and Ben are single, wild, and disease free. I (Darren) am heavily involved with my romantic associate, Miranda.

What is your favorite/least favorite social media platform? Why?

I personally like instagram.   It’s interesting to see what people think are worth sharing.  With twitter, i feel like you realize that people don’t really understand what is worth sharing



You can pre-order Tender Madness over at their website and stream it over at Stereogum.

This was the first video I saw of the band that made me love them.

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