Bands You Should Know: DRGN KING (Exclusive Interview) Part 2

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Good things come in twos! Check out Part 2 of my interview with Dominic Angelella of Philly band, DRGN KING. In this section we get into the nitty gritty of Philly’s DIY scene and what it was like collaborating with Perry Shall, the artist behind Diarrhea Planet’s signature album artwork and the giant ice cream cone sculpture at Little Baby’s on Fairmount Ave.:

ZB: Okay. So I have a question about the album artwork.

Dominic: Okay.

ZB: The album artwork for Baltimore Crush is very different. Perry Shall put it together, and it’s a far cry away from what Paragraph Nights look like. It’s had a definite Philly DIY punk kind of feel about it, and I was just wondering how that came about; do you know Perry Shall personally or was that just like –

Dominic: I totally asked Perry to do the record cover because I wanted to be friends with him because I think Perry rules, and I loved his work and I was super stoked on everything he did, and I knew that the record is about being super idealistic and doing house shows when I was younger and then looking at that period of my life, and so Perry obviously is pretty like, his whole method fits with that, and so when I asked him to do it, I was so excited that he was stoked about the record and stoked about it, and he listened to it a lot, and so all those drawings are like lyrics from the record, so it came together really good.

ZB: It looks really good.

Dominic: Thank you.

ZB: I liked the album cover of Paragraph Nights; I thought it was like, “What’s happening here?” This is so much more straightforward, but it still has that kind of like, “I want to know more about it.”

Dominic: Well, to me this record is a lot more straightforward, in my opinion; the songs are more straightforward too.

ZB: Okay.

Dominic: I don’t know if that’s the right way to put it.

ZB: No, I agree. It sounded like you can just come and do it, like being in a new band and you don’t feel like–I don’t know, the first record was really, really good, obviously.

Dominic: Thank you.

ZB: It’s like I want to do more digging about that record versus this one; it’s just like you can take it at face value and it’s just a good record.

Dominic: That was sort of the goal. I mean, people are going to think what they’re going to think, but I was definitely like, all right, so I want to do some shit that people can just kind of check it out and enjoy it for what it’s going to be.

ZB: Yeah, that’s what I get from it. I feel like it’s very accessible to new fans.

Dominic: Great, that’s awesome.

ZB: So that’s kind of all the hard questions. I thought we would have this interview earlier, so this question is kind of moot, so I’ll just combine it with this one. You’re playing at Lit Lounge tonight with some great people; Flavor Raid is there, Breakfast in Fur is there, and they’re both super fun, and I’ve never seen them live, but I know that from what I’ve heard, they put on a great live show.

Dominic: Oh, you know those guys?

ZB: Yeah, I did some research before you came in.

Dominic: Great.

ZB: But how are you spending your rest of the day in the city? Where in New York City, this isn’t Philly.

Dominic: Well, we went to see some friends at Cake Shop earlier. There was a great band from Philly called Amanda X was playing and unfortunately we missed them because it was running so late, but we ran into some friends and hung out with them and saw the dudes in CRUISR. It was like we kind of just ran into a lot of people, ran into this great band called Walking Shapes from Brooklyn. We went on our first tour with them, and they’re good dudes; It was really fun, so just saw a bunch a friends, ate some good food. It was awesome.

ZB: So this is my last question. I just want to know, just for fun, if you can name a couple of things that DRGN KING the band has in common with Dragon King the Chinese restaurant on Washington Ave.

Dominic: Well, the thing about Dragon King the Chinese restaurant that I always thought was awesome, because I never lived around there but a lot of my friends did, is that they would sell loosies and all the food was really cheap. I don’t really think we have anything in common because –

ZB: Just the name.

Dominic: I mean, there are vowels in that name, so it was just a jumping off point because my last band was named after the Green Ranger’s Zord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

ZB: What was Green Ranger’s Zord? I feel so old.

Dominic: It was called Dragonzord.

ZB: Okay, yeah.

Dominic: And so I was in this band called Dragonzord for a really long time.

ZB: He played that flute; it was like a dagger flute.

Dominic: Yeah. (Dom did a brief impression of the flute tune here that was pretty spot-on) And so I didn’t want to continue with that name because I didn’t want to get sued by a corporation, so Brent lived right by DRGN KING, and it was like a joke that we were like, all right, does this mean like the super group is going to be DRGN KING, like the Chinese restaurant, and that’s how it came up.

ZB: Well, rock and roll, that was great. Thanks for answering some questions.

Dominic: No problem, man. Thank you for asking.

And that’s that! Thanks for reading, and enjoy The Eargazm!

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