Bands You Should Know: Ed Ghost Tucker (Exclusive Interview)

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I stumbled upon Ed Ghost Tucker by accident at a small show at The Whistle Stop in San Diego.  Right away I was enthralled and wanted to download all of their music. But alas, they have yet to even release their EP.  The group has a unique sound with eminent vocals that take you on a little vacation that you don’t want to return home from.  The San Diego natives describe their sound as indie / world / pop but would rather “surprise” people than put themselves in one specific genre.

After experiencing their new tracks live, I can confidently say we will be hearing a lot more from Ed Ghost Tucker. But, until their EP releases, learn more about the group with our short interview and enjoy their first video “Sophia.” – The Eargazm! 

The Eargazm: What is the story behind the name Ed Ghost Tucker?

EGT: We’ve been told that it’s a reference to “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.”

The Eargazm: How did you guys all meet and how long have you been playing together?

EGT: As Ed Ghost Tucker, we’ve been playing together for two years. We decided to start recording together and playing shows the summer following our return to San Diego after college and travels. We had all worked on music together and in different groups since the elementary years, so we’re pretty much family by now.  

The Eargazm: How has the band evolved since you first started playing together?

EGT: We played with a fifth member for the first year or so, so our sound since then has changed in some pretty new ways. Some of the demos you can find on SoundCloud still have that older, folk/jazz sound, but lately we’ve been experimenting with some more modern sounds, which should be apparent on the EP that we’re currently working on.  

The Eargazm: How do you describe your genre or music style?

EGT: Lately we’ve been going with indie/world/pop, but it’s a pretty eclectic mix that we have going. We like to keep it surprising.

The Eargazm: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

EGT: Paul Simon, David Byrne, Joni Mitchell,  Prince

The Eargazm: Your video for Sofia has some really beautiful and interesting shots. What was your inspiration behind it?

EGT: Thanks, that was a fun one to make. As our first official video and single release, we wanted it to be high quality. We collaborated with a local production company, Snowglobe Studios, at every stage of production. They listened to the song and mentioned that its rhythms and ebb and flow made them think of ‘water,’ so we went from there. We decorated the space ourselves, and thought it would be fun to bring in some dancers and VFX shots, too. Having a RED cam at our disposal was an added plus. 

The Eargazm: We know you are working on releasing your first EP, how has that process been and what do you see the next year having in store for you guys?

EGT: Yeah, it’s an exciting time for us because this will be our first real collection of songs we’ll be presenting to the public as a cohesive whole. We’ve been working with our friend Dan Ellis for the past few months on a collection of 6 songs that we’re planning to put out sometime in 2014, so much of this next year will be supporting that release. We’re currently exploring options for management, and hope to get a good tour out of the EP as well.

The Eargazm: A day on the beach or a day in the mountains?

EGT: We’re in San Diego, so…….both. 


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