Bands You Should Know: Future Heroes and New Track “Waiting Room Pt. 1”

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Future Heroes

At The Eargazm we stand tall for two things: kickass music that sucks you in by your soul and creative unknowns you MUST acquaint yourself with this instant. This is where I introduce you to Denver-based rap duo, Future Heroes.


Mars and Ken Deezy are a dynamic duo whose talents intertwine effortlessly for a fresh perspective on hip-hop. Both halves of the equation grew up in Colorado consuming music their whole lives. When most kids were having Reading Rainbow and PBS shows sung to them through the living room tube, Ken was banging pots and pans on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Mars’ father was keeping the family music gene strong, introducing his son to the sounds of his band as a vocalist and bass player. Fast forward through high school when Ken began producing instrumentals and Mars honing his lyricism, Future Heroes was born when the two met at Colorado University. The result? Two talented dudes with products from the booth only matched by their on-stage presence.

Future Heroes’ career hold loads of potential as their fanbase thickens. Mars’ rapping continues to improve bar by bar while Ken inserts a touch of EDM to his hip-hop based beats. They’ve been described as sounding similar to The Cool Kids, Goldlink and-my favorite comparison-a toned down Riff Raff. Check out their track The Waiting Room Pt. 1 and their social media accounts listed below!

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