Bands You Should Know: Great Good Fine Ok

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Brooklyn Duo, Great Good Fine Ok, are trending upward something fierce. With only two songs released to date, their synthy indie-pop was turning heads at SXSW which is always a good sign of a bands trajectory. It probably isn’t fair to call them a band you SHOULD know, but rather a band you WILL SOON know.

With summer coming up that means it’s time to start putting together that BBQ/Pool Party/Chilling on the Beach playlist together and Great Good Fine Ok should be the first band you add. Their buttery smooth, falsetto, electro-pop sound will supply the perfect vibe for soaking up some Vitamin C.

We shot the guys a few questions to better get to know the folks behind the incredibly infectious music.


  • “Great Good Fine Ok” is pretty interesting band name. Any special significance behind it?

To us Great Good Fine Ok represents the spectrum of emotions that people experience everyday – the extreme and dynamic nature of life, and the grey area that exists in every choice, conversation and topic.  We love that it’s meaning can be interpreted differently by everyone, and feel like it perfectly represents our music and our intentions.

  • Being a band in the Internet has some major perks, but is also super competitive. Do you like being a band in 2014? How has the Internet affected your career arch as a band? 

The Internet has significantly changed the world for artists.  There is oversaturation and it’s difficult to get noticed, but at the same time, ANYONE can record a high quality song or album and release it with the potential of mass exposure.  The Internet MADE our career.  We recorded one song which cost us nearly nothing, released it on the internet through blogs, and now 7 months later that song has almost 600k plays on Soundcloud and we have major label interest. I do believe that to have a substantial career, a band must combine that buzz with an exciting live show and a million other elements, but the fact that you truly can start a real career online is amazing and we feel lucky.

  • If you had to steal a member from any famous band to add as a third member to your band, who would you take?

Macaulay Culkin



  • Your video for “You’re The One For Me” looked so fun to make. Were you guys able to just throw food around and film it or was it more orchestrated than it appeared.

It was definitely fun to make. We came up with the concept with The Wild Honey Pie and sort of knew what we wanted to happen.  When we got to the park with all of the food, we had to just wing it.  We could really only do one take, so we had her just start making the sandwich and hoped for the best!  It’s exactly as orchestrated as it appears.

  • What’s on your “Best of 2014” playlist so far?

Tove Lo – “Not On Drugs” and “Habits

Sia        – “Chandelier

Justin Timberlake – “Not a Bad Thing

  • What has been the biggest “holy shit, we’re a real band” moment in Great Good Fine Ok’s blossoming career?

When we released “You’re the One for Me” we had no idea what we even wanted the live show to look like.  It had basically been the two of us in front of computers and we did not feel like a band.  When we put the 5 piece band together months later and played our first practice show in Brooklyn and actually achieved bringing our songs to life, and people LIKED it…that was the first “holy shit moment”.  Then driving down to SXSW and playing 7 shows… the whole thing was very holy shittish.

  • What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?

We hope that each person takes away something different and enjoys the music in whatever way makes sense for them.  We hope that everyone interprets the songs a little differently and feels a unique and customized relationship with each one.  We write with passion and honesty and hope that it translates into relatability and comfort or escape for people in good times or bad.


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