Bands You Should Know: The Griswolds (Exclusive Interview)

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the griswolds

Here is the second installment of our Bands You Should Know Series. This time around we are a featuring an indie rock band based out of Sydney, Australia The Griswolds. They have quickly gained success from their 4 song EP Heart of a Lion. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, they got their big break when they won a slot on the 2012 Parklife Festival line up along side Passion Pit. After only four songs we were hooked and had to learn more about these guys. So we decided to interview them this week and this is what they had to say:

Q: I know you’re from Australia, which begs the question, What inspired your song Mississippi?

A: Mississippi was inspired by the fact that the song is about a tough life journey that’s hard to navigate. It’s not pretty, and it’s long and if you’ve ever walked down the Mississippi once, you probably won’t wanna do it again. It was also an ad-lib lyric and it stuck.

Q: How did you land on the name The Griswolds?

A: We were recording our EP in Sydney before we had even played our first show and we had come up with a bunch of band names that our manager was hating on. So one drunken night we had the band name conversation with another band that was recording at the same studio. The National Lampoons came up and someone said, “you should call your band the Griswolds” and we did.

Q: What is your favorite National Lampoon’s Vacation series quote?

A: “fucken aye right we’re the Griswolds”

Q: What is your favorite Vacation movie?

A: All of em.

Q: What was going through your minds when you won a slot on the 2012 Parklife Festival line up?

A: Sound check actually, we were setting up for a gig. Then after the show, we pretty much just had “holy shit this is sooooo awesome” going through our heads. We were also a bit worried, because we had only been a band for a few months and we didn’t have enough songs to play a set that was long enough for a slot at Parklife.

Q: Is the American music scene influential in Australia?

A: Very, very, very influential.

Q: Many artists from Australia have been coming to light recently like Gold Fields and Little May.. Who are some other Australian artists we should look out for?

A: Tame Impala, Alison Wonderland, The Money Go Round, The Preatures, The Holidays, Strange Talk, Kingswood, Willow Beats, oh man there’s just sooo much good music there right now.

Q: Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?

A: Metallica, Guns N Roses, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, 2Pac, Dr. Dre & The doors.

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