Bands You Should Know: Luke Christopher (Exclusive Interview)

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Luke Christopher is no stranger to The Eargazm. The multitalented artist from LA has been featured a lot lately, especially since he’s been releasing an onslaught of songs the last couple of weeks after his release of his most recent mixtape, The Wonder Years Part 1. While part two is in the works, we asked the young blood a few questions to delve deeper into his psyche and to help show who this rising star truly is. Luke has 3 incredible mixtapes, a record deal, and a solid fan base under his belt all before he can even buy alcohol legally. It’s safe to say this 20 year old rapper/singer hybrid is here to stay.

The Eargazm: When was the first time you can remember that music had a profound impact on your life?

Luke Christopher: Man, I was really young at a college football game with my Fam, and when we were getting ready to park, my uncle played Tupac’s “U Can’t C Me” and I flipped. The beat was crazy, the flows, the hook… just bananas.

The Eargazm: When did you decide to pursue music exclusively?

Luke Christopher: Sophomore year of high school, I quit football, which was supposed to be my career, and began puttin 100% of my free time into music. All the players hated me for like 2 weeks.

The Eargazm: On your song, “Broken People” you proclaim, “…feel like that nigga on my old shit wasn’t even me.” What did you mean by that?

Luke Christopher: When you’re producing, writing, and recording your own music, every song you make is 100% you, so as I grew up, which I still am, every song changes so much, my production changes, my subject matter, my voice.

The Eargazm: Do you have a favorite song that you’ve written?

 Luke Christopher: Maaaan, I don’t think so.. They’re all so different to me.

The Eargazm: Fair enough, it’s to my understanding that you were signed to Interscope Records. Do you think you’ll ever take the label route again?

Luke Christopher: Yea I was signed to Interscope really young, with no online hype, just a lot of industry hype. We were basically independent the whole time because they had big acts they had to put out, like Robin Thicke, Mary J, and Lady Gaga.

The Eargazm: What contemporary artists have you been listening to lately?

Luke Christopher: I listen to a lot of Frank Ocean, a lot of Passion Pit, Ye, J. Cole, a lot of indie underground shit.

The Eargazm: In one of your latest songs, My Religion Verse, which exhibits your lyrical prowess, you got pretty deep, was there a specific moment that inspired you to write it?

Luke Christopher: It was funny cuz I’ve always felt like that, I just never thought I needed to share it until I began having conversations with people I’ve known for forever and realizing my generation sort of just feels like that. Not that we’re against religion and having something to believe in, but that we don’t believe in violence based on the unknown.

The Eargazm: You couldn’t have said it better, shout outs by the way, that’s one of my favorite songs you’ve done in a while. I love how you also produce almost every one of your songs, do you see that ever changing?

Luke Christopher: I doubt it man, I’m to used to making songs exactly how I want them to sound.

The Eargazm: That’s good to hear aha, so what sacrifices have you had to make in order to continue furthering your music career?

Luke Christopher: I quit a lot of sports, missed a lot of parties, lost a lot of women aha

The Eargazm: Haha, alright just a couple more… boobs or butt?

Luke Christopher: Ass all the way TMRWGANG

The Eargazm: Besides instruments, microphone’s, etc., is there something that you have to have with you while in the studio?

Luke Christopher: Usually tea, champagne in the night, something visually inspiring, and my shoes off.

The Eargazm: Chill day smoking or late night drinking?

Luke Christopher: Afternoon light drinking by the pool with the TMRWGANG Fam

The Eargazm: Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 4?

Luke Christopher: At the top my brother in one year, or heading there rapidly, with at least one Grammy. In 4, I want to be scoring movies, making films, writing short stories, having plenty of Grammies, giving plenty back to my family, and to the less fortunate, all love g!

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