Bands You Should Know: The Moth & The Flame

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Moth and Flame


The Moth and the Flame are a three piece band from La, via Utah, consisting of Brandon Robbins (guitars, vocals), Mark Garbett  (keys, vocals) and Andrew Tolman (drums). If you are a fan of Radiohead or textured, experimental rock in general then you’ll enjoys their heady, ambitious tunes that blend the line between chaos and beauty.

Their latest EP Ampersand is representative of this idea of blending opposite themes and showing that they truly are similar and can work together to create beautiful music.

We got the chance to pick their brains a bit below.


Starting a band with your kind of experimental indie rock in a, from an outside perspective, pretty traditional thinking part of the world, Utah seems like a tall task. What was the process like in the early days of the band? We’re you wellreceived in most places?

– The process was fairly organic.  We just made the type of music that was most natural for us as a band.  As far as the response we got in Utah, it was very positive. The first show we played at velour in Provo which was our cd release on 11/11/11 sold out and we then added a second date which also sold out.  Both were 300-350 caps shows so we were very happy about that. 


I see you have recently moved to LA. What has been the craziest adjustment? What advice would you offer young bands, or anyone for that matter moving from their cozy hometowns to the LA’s, and NY’s of the world?

–  One adjustment is that since there is so many more people and bands, it’s that much harder to know everyone and to make connections with them. We came from a scene where all the musicians and artists know and support each other and that can really be helpful.  It’s possible to do the same in NY and LA but it takes more work.  This is something that we want to do more often is to just get out there and meet more bands from LA. 


Who are some of your favorite up and coming bands?

– A couple bands I like (Andrew) are “On An On” and “Here we go Magic”. Both of which we met on the road last year. 


There is an extreme amount of detail that goes into your music and production, it’s incredible. How taxing is the process of fine-tuning everything until it sounds just right?

– It can be very taxing at times but it’s something that we all want to do so it makes the process easier.  We take our music and art seriously and put as much into it as possible. Sometimes that means extra hours. 🙂

Favorite Fast food restaurant?

Del Taco

Least favorite social media platform?


Favorite Sports team? 

Hmm that would change from member to member. Andrew is rooting for the Broncos at the Super Bowl. 

Favorite Beer or cocktail?



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