Bon Iver – Holocene (PillowYO Remix)

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Real talk.. Bon Iver recently won 2 Grammy’s including Best New Artist of the year. A lot of people claim they dont know who Bon Iver is…try staying up to date on the latest music and you’d know exactly who Bon Iver is. For all the haters that bang on Bon Iver’s style, it’s suppose to be slow, chill, and eery. If you don’t like it push next. PillowYO takes this Bon Iver Original called Holocene and picks up the pace with added bass lines and superb synths. For the uninformed, Bon Iver is made up of the indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. In addition to Vernon the band includes Michael Noyce, Sean Carey and Matthew McCaughan. PillowYOs’ real name is Cana Konstantin Nikolic and he is from Berlin Germany. We see it time and time again, two totally different types of music meshing perfectly together, both stemming from different inspirations, each with their own unique style. Don’t hate on originality. I didn’t see “Hater” win 2 Grammy’s including Best New Artist. Get Your Earz Wet with this Remix! FREE DOWNLOAD!

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