MP3: Mizer & Goetz- Satellite

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The Colorado duo, Mizer & Goetz have been creating amazing music ever since they met in High-School, but their latest release Satellite particularly grabbed my attention and never let go. The tracks high-pitched shrills and lower-end synths keep Satellites moving with an unstoppable force. Here’s what Mizer, a Sophomore at the University of Colorado at Boulder had to say about the addicting jam. […]

fka pendulum1

Watch: FKA Twigs – Pendulum and BRIT Noms

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The name on everyone’s lips in 2014 was FKA Twigs. Despite critical acclaim for her debut full-length, LP1, British singer Tahliah Barnett was subjected to unprecedented harassment after beginning a romantic relationship with actor, Robert Pattinson. Twigs expressed surprise at the grotesque statements hurled her way, and utilized them as inspiration for the visuals for […]

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Listen: Gilligan Moss – “Choreograph” and “Hemlock”

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Nearly two years ago Gilligan Moss quietly posted two songs, “Hemlock” and “Choreograph”, that our’s ears and minds are just now catching up to. “Hemlock” is a futuristic dream of a track, while “Choreograph” sounds like a march song for sewer rats. Both tracks weave tricky beats, dancy synths and so much more into an amazing experience that […]