Listen: Kate Boy – “Northern Lights”

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Stockholm duo Kate Boy have proudly and honorably carried the torch of Knife inspired brand pop for the last few years alongside . They recently released their debut album One which is chalk full of gloomy bangers highlighted by their first single “Northern Lights”. To be fair this track came out a while back, but for […]


Listen: O Mer – “Now I’m Alive”

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Earlier this year we shared an interesting track by O Mer and today he’s released another unique track titled “Now I’m Alive”. The track shares that icy sound of a James Blake song with soothing falsetto sprawled out across down-tempo electronic wonderfulness. Not much is known about O Mer beyond the fact that he’s originally from Tel […]


Listen: Grimes – “California”

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Ever since her off-center, murky, dream pop reached the eardrums of the world people have been excited about Grimes. It’s been over three years since Visions and everyone was wondering just what the heck she’s been up to. Today she released her follow album Art Angels and, holy shit, it was worth the wait. She’s not shying […]


Listen: PINES – Fate

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Here is a brand new track from up and coming artist PINES. They are based out of Adelaide, Southern Australia and have made a splash with their latest song Fate. Pines is comparable to greater known artist ODEZA. They lay down heavy synths, vocal chops and dreamy vibes. This is the perfect song to wrap […]