Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (Panic City OFFICIAL Remix)

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Here’s a word to the wise…if you ever see Chris Brown aka C-Breezy sleeping…whatever you do…DO NOT wake him up or shit will get fugg’n wild. He may just get really pissed off, or he may throw a rager you just weren’t quite ready for. Regardless, I wouldn’t advise waking him from his slumber, for any reason. By now I’m sure most of our listeners and those alike have heard the new smash hit by Hip-Hop/Electro recording artist and enthusiast Chris Brown. We found a pretty cool remix that kicks this piece up a notch. The lyricism matches the intensity of the song to a “T”, and most likely the intensity of Brown’s rage if you wake his ass up. This is the Panic City Official Remix, and it makes the already rowdy original extra extra rowdy. So what have we learned?….1. Don’t, under any circumstances wake Chris Brown up, you’ll regret it. 2. Chris’ style has slowly been making a change from strictly hip-hop style to a wide array of dance electro beats. He’s changing with the ways of music and it’s working. 3. Finally, this Panic City remix is fire…got all that? Get Your Earz Wet! Punk.

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