Chris Brown – W.T.F.I.M.L. (Where The Fuck Is My Lighter)

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C. Breezy is doing his electronic dance thing with this latest release, W.T.F.I.M.L.? “Where The Fuck Is My Lighter”. Man…”if i had a dollar”…I’d be a rich rich man. Brown takes the tempo down from some of his latest dance numbers like Beautiful People, and slows it back down to his “baby making” roots, but with electronic still at the for front. Brown may have deleted his Twitter page to get away from the bad publicity, but that won’t stop him from dropping new tunes. Tid Bit 4 Chris: Buy a five pack of “Bics” and you shouldn’t have such a problem finding a lighter. A lot of things have been blamed for Brown riasing his temper…first it was “Don’t Wake Me Up” and now it’s “Where The Fuck Is My Lighter”. Sounds to me he needs work on alarm clocks and lighters, while maintaining the musical genius. Get Your Earz Wet!

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