Dan Croll Concert Review + New Track “ONE OF US”

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Dan Croll has been a favorite of The Eargazm since the very beginning. Our first artist interview was even with Dan. Every time they come through LA, we jump at the chance to see them live. Why you might ask? We’ll it’s simple. They put on one of the most entertaining shows we’ve been to and we’ve been to A LOT of shows. Most concerts in this genre will cause the audience to awkwardly sway and bob to the music, but Dan Croll actually makes people dance. In addition, the commentary between songs is charming and genuinely funny. They leave a lasting impression that makes one think, “Man I’d love to hang out with those guys”. Oh yeah.. and their music rocks!

IMG_8106If you have been unfortunate enough to not hear of Dan Croll, let me catch you up. The band is comprised five talented musicians from Liverpool. Dan Croll is of course the lead singer and also plays Guitar, John Stark is on Bass, Jacob Berry plays the Keys, Jethro Fox plays Guitar and David Kelly is on the Drums. They came together in 2011 and have been rocking the scene since. To give you a taste of the greatness we’ve included their latest track ONE OF US below. Telling you about them is one thing, but hearing it for yourself is another. Click play and Enjoy The Eargazm..

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