Day N’ Night by Kid Cudi Reggae Remix – Pet Sownds

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How about a little Reggae Sunday? Yeah….yeah. We’ve been pretty happy here at the Gazm recently with the progress of artist Kid Cudi, who seems to be coming back to his old ways of making music. More specifically his latest release of King Wizard, has been making headway from behind the curtains of his more recents styles that haven’t been so popular with his listeners. I’m referencing his rock album. It’s not that Cudi isn’t a rocker, but he is most of all that Man on the Moon that we all know and love. We’d love to see him get back to old Cudi, and slowly but surely hes been making his way. Check out this Reggae Remix of Cudi’s most popular among the public, Day-N-Night. This remix is by Pet Sownds and it’s a chill jam for this Sunday afternoon. DOWNLOAD 4 FREE & Get Your Earz Wet!

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