The Eargazm Exclusive Music Video: Mariami- Best Friend

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Mariami, who is originally from the Eurasian country Georgia, but is now residing and creating in NYC. Just dropped off an exclusive video that I know you guys will enjoy, entitled Best Friend. The trippy visuals coincide really well with the eclectic feel the song exudes. She manages to seamlessly blend a fusion of hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and pop. And I have to say, it sounds oh so nice. Especially when her relaxed tone is paired with the psychedelic imagery brought to you by (collabo!).

Although this is the first mention of Mariami on The Eargazm, I can guarantee it’s not the last. Her diverse background and sound help set her apart from the rest. Sonically, her vocal arrangements and timbre are captivating, but her lyrics are on point as well. Which is yet another thing that sets her apart, seeing how so many Pop and R&B artists struggle with balancing out that trifecta. Enough talking though, it’s time for you guys to make your own opinion. So go ahead and peep the video below! If you want to hear more from the laid-back artist, I highly recommend giving another one of her songs, Gates (Georgia On My Mind)  a play.

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