Electric Guest – Ritual Union (Little Dragon)

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Here we have a cover of Swedish band Little Dragon’s song Ritual Union. The interesting part is that the duo covering this song is none other than Los Angeles natives Electric Guest. This cover has come pretty much out of nowhere and to my knowledge is purely a tribute. It’s not a remix in anyway. Electric Guest has been around quite a bit longer than most would think. Their break out song was This Head I Hold, which the “Headier Than Thou” part of me wants to tell you we posted back at the beginning of January, but in actuality the song was released over 8 months ago. It took quite some time for their breakout song to breakout. A wise man once said, Over night success takes a minimum of five years. It always seems like these artist just pop up and are immediately famous, but there is no such thing as overnight success. If they are famous, it’s because they put in the time and the work. It doesn’t hurt that they are extremely talented, but in today’s society success and talent are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We are proud to say that we have been watching Electric Guest since the beginning and are excited to see where they go from here. With this cover of Ritual Union, they have truly proven their diversity. This track has a more laid back vibe, than This Head I Hold. It’s not original work, but it still displays they are not genre locked. If you don’t know who Electric Guest is by now, It’s time to hear the truth. If you have been previously enlightened, check out what they can do with a chill song. Most importantly both parties should expect to get their earz a little wet.

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