Fearce and BeanOne – “That Aint Hip Hop???”

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Something else is coming out of Seattle other than Starbucks, flannel wearing indie grungeheads, and the set of Twilight and it’s something to certainly turn heads over. Dyme Def are a hip-hop trio based out of the GRUUUUUNGE NW area of the United States and they got some swagger to their truthful sound. Group members Fearce and BeanOne have released a song they call “That Aint Hip Hop???”, which questions the ones questioning what is and isn’t hip-hop without knowing the genre’s true roots amidst all this Nicki Minaj (placed in the cover art) bullpiss that surrounds us these days. “What a feelin’ to be a villain, I’ll burn your village/ Give music to your children, give ’em a choice to have a voice if they’re willin’/ I see right through you blogs that think you have an opinion, sayin’ what Hip-Hop isn’t, when really you never lived it…”-real shit cous. Fearce proposes the validity blogs and others have when it comes to making judgement calls about the game over BeanOne’s production consisting of soulful voices and old school percussion in the background. Enjoy this track and check out more of Dyme Def, they have a website with an abundance of songs and very, VERY dope videos. Get Your Earz Wet.

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