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Ghost Loft - So High

Get ready to get So High! This track is a littler over a month old, but it’s just recently been gaining attention. It’s subtle brillance makes it one to remember. Ghost Loft is rather “Ghostly” indeed, the aery electro sort of gives off a slow R&B feel, like The Weeknd would sound perfect over…you know the kind I mean. It’s impossible not to sound quite “trappy” as well when you toss in the high hat and snares. Just being observant. Trap could be the genre argued here, but indie is more suitable by far.

Ghost Loft hails from sunny Los Angeles, California. Other than that fact…I’ll have to admit I couldn’t find much more on Ghost Loft. This track, So High is an original of there’s, and it falls right in line with all of their other music, sound-wise I mean. You can go on the Ghost Loft website and purchase or just listen, to a bunch of their original work and remixes by other artists of their work.

If you’re interested you could also check out Ghost Loft’s Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. For being so socially connected, you’d think Ghost Loft would be more well known. Nevertheless they/he/she/whoever, knows how to make a mean beat, and I’m sure will continue to do so. Meaning, we’ll all have more to look forward to. Check out So High by Ghost Loft, and Get Your Ears Wetter than a muaaaaaahh. Considering all of the album work and pictures I’ve found of the band, I’ll throw out a guess and say this band is a trio of two men and a lady. Somebody, Anybody, hit me with some DEETS! I just got done listening to SO High for the third time in a row, so I guess it’s time to go get….. Get Your Ears wet!

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