Hopsin – You Are My Enemy

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Feast your eyes on the albino-eyed african american above and listen to his words, for he is one real motherfucker! Hopsin (who is not albino but does throw in some all white contacts) is a rapper from Los Angeles with some true intellect and creative genius. The featured track above titled You Are My Enemy is from his 2010 album “Raw” (Soundcloud doesn’t have his latest music) and deserves a listen, but Hopsin has been speaking his mind for 6 years now and is about to drop a bomb on hip-hop. A high school dropout, the brutally honest MC started his own label Funk Volume in 2010 and has since signed 3 other rappers to the company. As you will hear, Hopsin has a very natural flow and spoken word and talks about everything from backstabbers and sluts to teenage dumbasses and low lifes smoking themselves stupid. Again, You Are My Enemy isn’t one of his latest tracks, but Hopsin has a wide catalog of music and videos to be found on Youtube. The single for his upcoming album “Knock Madness” is titled Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 and a very dope video for the song will soon be available in our music video shuffler. There’s also a video in which he steals a shopping cart, jacks it up with a hammer, and reconstructs it into a camera dolly. ILLLLLLLL!!!

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