Hunting Grounds – Flaws (Gold Fields Remix)

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Gold Fields does a remix here of Hunting Grounds original track Flaws. Gold Fields adds a peppy bass line, rad synths, and a catchy piano riff to make this one an electro dance number to remember. You may also know Gold Fields from their remix of Passion Pit’s ‘Take A Walk’, one of their newest off of PP’s new album. Hunting Ground is a rock band from Down Undah (Australia), and the song Flaw is off of their highly under anticipated album just released ‘In Hindsight’. Up until the songs release, Flaws used to be called Howl, which I believe they should’ve stuck with. In Hindsight, it seems Hunting Grounds should’ve done things differently. Flaws has an original grundge feel to it that made my tummy tie in knots. It’s a good thing Gold Fields came into the picture on this one. Besides if you had the choice…unbiased…to listen to new music in fields of gold, or on hunting grounds, which would you choose? That pretty much sums it up, Get Your Earz Wet & Enjoy! FREE DOWNLOAD!

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