Musical Renaissance: Is Goldenvoice considering expanding Coachella? More Events?

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I just want to start out by saying, we are at the ground floor of a modern musical renaissance. I don’t say that lightly. I would like to reference the extremes of 2012. Ultra Music Festival in Miami FL pre-sale tickets sold out within 20 minutes of being on sale and they added a third day. Coachella sold out the first weekend and put on an identical 3 day festival the following weekend, for the first time in history. International tickets for Tomorrowland went on sale April 7 at 11am and less than 2 hours later 100,000 tickets sold out. At one point there were over 2 million people on the waiting list. This event attracted over 75 nationalities and over 35,000 people camping together in a place called “Dreamville”. These kinds of movements don’t happen everyday. We are apart of something huge that is about to erupt. That being said, there is evidence that Goldenvoice (The backing for Coachella and several other festivals) is thinking about exapanding. This expansion could include up to 5 Music Festival Weekends a year! They are also asking for more land and permission to host more people at the events they currently host. They also have a cruise ship called the SS Coachella that will be taking 2 trips to the Bahamas and Jamaica starting in December. This sounds like possibly the most fun weekend ever.  There have been musical revolutions before. For instance, the 1960’s with Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, etc. This was an era of music. There was a movement of a generation. Now we have The Black Keys, Fun., Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky, Justice, Kid Cudi, Radiohead, Skrillex, Tupac Holograms, Ooh.. I just had an Eargazm.. And the list goes on and on. I am not saying it’s better than the 60’s at all. I’m just saying it’s our version and shits about to blow up. We thought this year was crazy. We’ll we can’t wait to see what develops in the next couple years, because it’s going to be monumental.  We are living in an era where business men will come home, take off their suit and tie, put on their I heart Avicii T-shirt and spirit hood, pop a double stack and rage. It’s incredible. Music has taken over the world once again.

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