Jez Dior- The Funeral (Album)

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Right out of the gates Jez Dior comes in on his first track, Intro (ft. Jon Waltz) with a tenacious declaration, “I’d like to introduce this Grunge-Rap.” And that’s exactly what he’s created, it’s Kurt Cobain meets Eminem. Right after unflinchingly speaking about his troubles at home, he’ll go on a poetic tangent that reminds you of his rock influences. Jez’s punk sound and hard-hitting bars are made most clear on Clear Me Up, but balanced out by the calming Kings/100 which features the incredible Olivver. Still even on this most calming track, the outro is a gritty punk-rock lament with hints of Hip-Hop swagger.

Check out why the 21 year old Jez Dior named the project The Funeral and support his “Grunge-Rap” movement by copping it on iTunes!

I named this EP “The Funeral” because it is the death of what I was perceived as before, I’m not
a party college rapper. It was a dark time in my life and recording this EP was the only outlet
of emotions that I had.

DOWNLOAD: Jez Dior- The Funeral

Notable Tracks: Intro ft. Jon Waltz | Clear Me Up | Leather

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