Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Produced by Kid Cudi)

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The Kid is back, and when I say back I mean back to rap. It is officially safe to say that Kid Cudi has momentarily put his rock star ambitions to the side and has reverted back to his roots, hip hop with incredibly catchy beats that compliment his unique sound. The Lonely Stoner has just dropped a new track that would even satisfy the old fans that fell off the Cudder bandwagon after he dropped his last, rock inspired studio Album WZRD, in which he collaborated with Dot da Genius. The latest from Mr. Mescudi is a dope track called King Wizard, produced by Kid Cudi himself. King Wizard, which is the second single off of his forthcoming album Indicud, is very reminiscent of the Man on the Moon Cudi sound, while still trying out new sounds like tweaking the voice levels near the end of the song. King Wizard could definitely be a sign of good things to come for Cudi and his upcoming album Indicud. Cudi recently hit twitter hyping up the album stating, “mark my words INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I’m not lying.” Although the likiness of that claim is not good, we are still excited to hear how Cudi will have evolved as a rapper since his last rap album in 2010. If there wasn’t already enough hype for this album, Cudi also recently confirmed that there will be Ratatat jams on Indicud, who he hasn’t worked with since the tracks Pursuit of Happiness and Alive off his debut album. So do yourself a favor and take a listen to Cudi’s new/old style that we all know and love. Get Your Earz Wet!

UPDATE: Click for Free Download of Kid Cudi – King Wizard

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