Let’s dive into the KC Royals 2014 Playoff Anthem, “We Ready”

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Royals We Ready


Music inspires. Certain combinations of sonic frequencies sync with our brains perfectly allowing us to tap into places both mentally and physically that we otherwise wouldn’t. From the Maori warriors performing the Haka before battle to Michael Phelps listening to Lil’ Wayne before each of his 8 Gold Medal winning performances, music has the ability to make us as humans greater than we could ever be without it.

Last night, the Kansas City Royals achieved what seemed to be the unachievable, winning a MLB playoff game after a 29 year drought from October baseball. They way they did it was even more unbelievable. After come-back after come-back, the Royals finally prevailed and will advance to play a full series against the LA Angels.

This team marches to one beat, unapologetic in their confidence, welcoming challengers/haters of all sorts. Us mortals got a peek behind the curtain to the anthem that will power the team through the playoffs.  Archie Eversole’s 2002 hit “We Ready” is song for The 2014 Kansas City Royals to rally behind.

Eversole’s line “I’ma show ’em why they call us dirty/There is no mercy for playa haters cause he ain’t worthy” calls to mind the unconventional or “dirty” way the Royals play, forfeiting home runs and strikeouts for infield singles and stolen bases, the Royals know what they are and how to get the job done. They don’t care if it’s not how everyone else does it.

Last night, as SportsCenter coverage began with 26 straight minutes of Royals coverage, nearly matching their coverage on the team in SportsCenter’s entire history, Archie’s line “Heard of me then “Hell naw” before/bet you done heard of me now” rings as true as when it was spit to a studio mic on a humid Atlanta afternoon in 2002.

After 29 years “we ready” is a massive understatement, which is probably the only time that something relating to Archie Eversole has been referred to as “understated”.  “We desperately excited to the point of bursting” is probably more accurate, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Archie’s Dirty South braggadocio is perfectly in tune with this team’s youthful confidence and hunger.

No one is certain how October will go for The Royals, but one thing is for sure…



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