Listen: Alex The Flipper – Patty

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Good music in December is like snow in August and even worse, because even though you can find snow in certain places of the world in August, there is no way you can find good music in December; it is as if the whole world has been hit by BMV (Bad Music Virus). The course is progressive with the disease manifesting initially as sluggish creativity (even artists need some time off the studio), evolving to jinglebellitis (manic obsession with all things festive). People report of near death experiences encompassing the presence of a bright light while voices sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat, an admittedly dreadful experience. By the end of December there is a generalised sense of impending musical doom.

I suggest you stay calm and press play. 

Alex The Flipper is a guy from Austria with a great sense of humour (as you can see on the cover) and a tendency to mix things up a little bit. Using traditional means in unconventional ways, he manages to get the best out of his sampler with complete disregard to tags, labels and musical boundaries. “Patty” is from his album “Seawards”. Get it  here and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and stay away from the bright light!

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