Listen: BANKS – Beggin For Thread

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BANKS - Beggin For Thread

It’s that time again! BANKS is a merciful mistress, and has continued to share new tracks as we approach the release of her debut LP, Goddess, out September 9th! If you haven’t seen Jillian Banks slay a live stage yet, please buy your tickets to the Goddess Tour right away. I saw her perform a sold-out show in Philly earlier this summer, and I can personally attest to the live performance being a remarkable adaptation of the recorded material. Live electronic mixing is tricky, and oftentimes fails to nail the balance between mushy, overbearing loudness and an underwhelming, canned tone. Even in a rather tight underground space, they struck the perfect tones and with BANKS on a meteoric path to stardom, the venues are only gonna get more robust from here on out.

Beggin For Thread is definitely dancier and less experimental than some of her past offerings, but it doesn’t skimp on dark energy or her domineering character vocals. It may have a pop slant, but BANKS is still delivering goddess vibes, crooning through a sinister hook before hitting the grand slam chorus. BANKS is downright unapologetic by the time the bridge picks up: “I got some dirt on my shoes / My words can come out as a pistol / and I’m no good at aiming / but I could aim it at you”

This track will be available on iTunes and Spotify tomorrow, July 22nd, and beginning August 16th the Goddess Tour is in full effect and coming to a town near you! Meanwhile, enjoy The Eargazm!

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