Listen: Big Wild – “Afterglow”

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Big Wild has been making a big splash with the new track“Afterglow”, partially thanks to an endorsement from Odesza, but mostly from it being a wildly fantastic song.

The track blends musical elements from all over the map into one groovy irresistible concoction. For me, it’s those tinny drums, but for you it may be the whimsical horns or the big band swing or the mystical, spacy synths or any of the variety of interesting things that suck you in to this song. “Afterglow” the kind of song you can listen to with a friend and each appreciate something completely different.

Take a listen below.

P.S. He just got added to the Lightning in a Bottle lineup, so if you were on the fence about going, this is reason enough to pull the trigger.

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