Listen: Bon Iver – Heavenly Father

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bon ivar

Zach Braff starred in Garden State in 2004, which arguably has one of the best soundtracks to ever be featured in a film. Now he’s starring in a new movie called Wish I Was Here and the anticipation for the soundtrack has been palpable to say the least. We are getting our first taste today with the release of Bon Iver’s Heavenly Father. After one listen, I came to a quick conclusion, this film could be a total flop and still be enjoyable based on the soundtrack alone. Heavenly Father isn’t just a song, it’s a full mind and body experience. It begins with ambient synths that set your mind at ease and allow you to be completely present for what’s to come. Justin Vernon enters with his soulful vocals to divulge his internal struggle. In a time where lyrics mean very little, it’s refreshing to come across true lyrical poetry and that’s exactly what Heavenly Father is. Bon Iver connects with their audiences on a personal level. Though their fame has grown drastically, their authenticity remains. Put some headphones on or surround yourself with quality speakers, turn up the volume and let the experience begin.

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