Listen: Cruiser – “Kidnap Me”

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Cruiser caught my ear with his debut self-titled EP last year the week I was moving to Venice Beach. I can’t think of a time an album has so perfectly fit my situation. It was like my life was being soundtracked by an amazing music supervisor. The reason I love Cruiser is that he is one of the few artists that makes bouncy, bedroom pop. Most summery songs are tightly produced, well designed songs that sound crisp coming out of the speakers at a Bud Light sponsored party. On the other side of that, anything with a bedroom, garage or any type of homemade sound tends to be a touch angry or melancholy. Cruiser’s music suits my tastes well. Homemade, optimistic and cleverly done.

Needless to say I was very excited when I heard that Cruiser (or Philly born, Andy States) had come out with a new track I was excited. “Kidnap Me” didn’t disappoint. States has clearly been sharpening his pop skills because the hook on this track is so effortless is hurts.

Hopefully this means there is music to come. Go grab a download of the song below.


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