Listen: Erik Hassle – Innocence Lost (feat. Tinashe)

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There’s no feeling more consuming than love and it shouldn’t be that way right? Love is supposed to be your shortcut “upwards” but instead it’s the long way “downwards” with your eyes fixed up, cause love is a dive my friend and one you can’t help but fall and we all know that when you fall it hurts. Cause love is not smooth, love is not boring, love is not a flat line made of stardust and pink fluffy clouds. Love is a wild ride; it goes up and down and all around, a crave, a rave of lust and dust, disappointment and frustration and and and  and…but you still keep going, don’t you and you bloody love it! Oh God, what the f*** am I saying on a Saturday morning? I was just sitting there drinking my morning coffee listening to some new tunes, where the hell did this all come from? But no, wait a minute…isn’t this what music is supposed to do to you?

“Innocence Lost” is all about love, the above and everything in between; things words alone seem unable to express but bathe them into music and they start making sense and this is where Erik Hassle and Tinashe come in. This is soul with a pop edge or vice versa (whatever works better for you). I don’t know if it’s the trumpets of the chorus or the street-poetry drops scattered all around but the song has an epic feel of impending doom and uncompromised desire  all in one (I really need to check what was in that coffee…).  Ok, enough with analysing, let’s go to the hard facts! Erik comes from Sweden and is about to release his Somebody’s Party EP on March 3rd via TEN/RCA.  Most probably you’ll find him gigging somewhere near you while preparing for his next album and writing music for Shakira and Rihanna (what a bloody boring life…). Tinashe, on the other hand, is a girl from the US of A that in her 21 years of age has managed to achieve what all of us collectively will never do in our whole bloody lifetimes: music videos, films, modelling…you name it! Oh and she recently released a single featuring Schoolboy Q. Not bad, right? Want more of them? Here you go:

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