Listen: Fickle Friends – SWIM

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Happy New Year friends! It’s time to start your New Year’s resolutions. Last year I decided to quit smoking and 5 years ago I decided to stop listening to the radio and both have worked out swimmingly. This year I recommend you make the choice to only listen to quality music, whether or not it’s with us at The Eargazm. We all have soundtracks to our lives.. You might as well make yours a great one.

Im going to start the year off with an up and coming band called Fickle Friends. They just sent us over their their debut single SWIM. It’s usually pretty hit or miss when it comes to new artists, but this song was a definite hit. Fickle Friends is yet another great band based out of Brighton, England. The group consists of Natassja Shine on lead vocals, Sam Morris on Drums, Harry Herrington on Bass, Chris Hall on Guitar and Jack Wilson on Synth. Their combined efforts make for one irresistible indie pop group. When asked what their debut single embodies, lead singer Natti said, “It follows the idea that people get mixed-up in confusion and sometime feel like they’re drowning…that’s what Swim is.” Life isn’t easy and this is a reassuring, uplifting track to put your mind at ease. If this is their first song, we can only imagine what is to come.. 2014 is going to be a great year. Have a listen and enjoy The Eargazm!

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