Listen: George Clanton – “Bleed” & “It Makes The Babies Want To Cry”

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Brooklyn based producer and songwriter used to work as Mirror Kisses but for his new album 100% Electronica George Clanton has stripped the moniker. It’s a fitting move as he bares all, for better or worse. The album may be titled 100% Electronica, but there is a beefy serving of raw feelings and angst. Rather than hiding behind glossy synths and drum machine beats, Clanton uses them to accentuate the power of his guts-on-the-floor music. Whether it’s your feet, your emotions or both, there’s no doubt that Clanton’s music will move you.

Check out my two favorite tracks from the album, “Bleed” and “It Makes The Babies Want To Cry” below. If you’re digging those, go check out the full album on Spotify, Soundcloud or, hell go buy it on Vinyl and really impress your friends!


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