Listen: Grimes – “California”

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Ever since her off-center, murky, dream pop reached the eardrums of the world people have been excited about Grimes. It’s been over three years since Visions and everyone was wondering just what the heck she’s been up to.

Today she released her follow album Art Angels and, holy shit, it was worth the wait. She’s not shying away from her love of catchy AF pop while also holding onto her experimental, DIY  skills that make her unique.

The catchiest and most accessible songs on Art Angels are also wildly complex and layered, while her more out there songs are absolute bangers. I’m pretty sure Grimes is an alien from the future sent back to prep us for the future of music that we’re all currently powerless to resist.

Really the whole album is amazing. Please go listen to it wherever you listen to music. The track that has knocked me back the most so far has been “California”. The chorus miraculously sounds like both like Taylor Swift and Middle-Eastern influenced chant. It has me completely blown away. Check it out for yourself below.


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