Listen: GUM – “Anesthetized Lesson” & “Science Fiction”

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Jay Watson, of Tame Impala and POND fame, has released two tracks from his upcoming album Glamorous Damage (out Nov. 13).¬†If you’re a fan the two mentioned band and their thick walls of colorful sound like we are, then you’re going to be delighted with this release.

“Anesthetized Lesson”¬†sounds like what I think people in the 80’s thought would sound like in 2015, which is totally awesome. If you were able to follow that confusing description you’re probably pretty smart and will enjoy the intricate weaving of laser synths on this track.

“Science Fiction” is a bit more of a ballad about a man realizing love is a real, tangible thing. Eventually, like love, once it realizes itself it explodes like a bomb (quite literally in this track).

Check out both of these ear melting tracks below and look out for the album next Friday.

“Anesthetized Lesson”

“Science Fiction”

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