Listen: Hembree – “New Oasis”

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For any of you out there that were fans of Quiet Corral (and I imagine there are more than a few), it was heartbreaking to hear that their lead singer had dropped out of the band after releasing such a promising album in Ancestors. While that could be a dagger for a less dedicated bunch, the remaining members picked themselves up by their bootstraps and re-focused their efforts toward a new project titled Hembree.

Their sound will be excitingly familiar to QC fans. Their new, fittingly titled track “New Oasis” is an earnest, gourmet-crafted piece of music that isn’t limited by genres like only these boys from Kansas can do. ¬†Through a single song, you can tell that Hembree confidently wears their scars and is ready to charge headfirst into their new adventures that lie ahead. No one knows where it will lead them, but I can tell you it’s going to be one hell of a soundtrack.

Hembree is working on an EP that will be coming out later this year.


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