Listen: Khari Mateen – Know Me Well

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How many of you know the name Khari Mateen?… from The Roots?…. Khari has “done the damn thing” with this solo project recently released. It’s called Qualia:Fall, and it’s a six track EP that is dedicated to American veterans suffering with PTSD. This track specifically is called Know Me Well, it’s about the girl that gets you in trouble, and you can’t help but love her. (

Make sure to check out the rest of the EP for more songs like this one. You can most certainly tell that Khari comes from the band The Roots with that Neo-Soul screaming through the guitar riffs and handclaps. This quote is from Khari’s website, and it describes his feelings about the EP… “I HAVE ALWAYS SEEN THE FALL SEASON AS A PERIOD OF CHANGE. OF COURSE, NATURE HAS ITS CHANGES; FROM THE LEAVES ON TREES, TO THE EARLY MORNING CHILL. FALL FEELS LIKE THE WORK IS FRESH AND WE ALL HAVE A JOB TO DO. THAT IS HOW IT FEELS TO ME. AND THAT IS QUALIA.”. There you have it, that is Qualia: Fall. Know Me Well!

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