Listen: Louis Spoils – Sleep At Night

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Life is full of dilemmas that usually end up with bad decisions; “To beer or not to beer?”. Ten beers later…you know the story. In my case, the question is of a different nature: “shall I finish this review now or later?”. “What’s wrong with finishing it now?”, you would say. Well, nothing really, except from the fact that I have a flight to catch and there’s a high chance that by the time I click “post”, the pilot and myself would be in different points in the time-space continuum, but I’ll give it a go!

Louis Spoils is the brainchild (or shall I say ear child) of Jake Rush, a guy from Australia that knows some other people in Australia and recorded an EP all over Australia that ended up being a great Australian record! Truth is that we’re not talking about random people here; the drummer is Willie De Backer (Gotye) and mixing was done by John Castle (Vance Joy, The Bamboos etc), among others. The result is a self-titled 5-track EP of laid-back awesomeness that you can buy on Bandcamp. Is it ultra-new? Not really. Is it worth it? I wouldn’t have risked my flight if it wasn’t.

The lady at the check-in gives me that “where the **** have you been?” look. I’m officially the last person on-board! Greece, here I come!

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