Mid-Week Madness: Antimatter People, Cash+David, DRA’man

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The worst thing about starting a day, is the fact that you actually have to start, meaning that you have to wake up and I don’t know anybody in this world that likes waking up, which is weird cause if one day you can’t wake up, then I suppose there’s something sinister going on…Couple that with the most disgusting thing humans have invented after tax- which is work- and you have the ingredients of a day destined to go bad; and it did! But I’m not gonna nag about it any more, at least I knew that I would come back home, sit down on my luxurious IKEA kitchen stool and travel. “How is that possible on an IKEA kitchen stool?”, you would say. Well, you can start by…




…listening to the brand new track from the “Young Psychedelic ensemble living in London” (pretty neat description on their Facebook, right?) called Antimatter People; it’s like a first class one-way ticket with the TARDIS stuck in the 70’s! You can find “Mossy Grounds” on Kitsune‘s latest compilation “New Faces”, due to be released on February 24.

cashdavidBy that time, I’ve completely forgotten that I’ve been swearing non-stop for the last 10 hours (that’s what I do at work…) and I was sinking deeper in my stool (not really sure how you can sink on a wooden stool but anyway): Cash+David from the UK behind the steering wheel and I didn’t have the slightest idea of where this was going to take me. It starts off sweet and mellow but definitely not safe; there is something disturbingly alarming in that monotonous guitar on the background that just builds up and up just before it erupts in a highly addictive riff that would make Josh Homme blush! Questions like “Who are they?”, “What do they do” don’t matter. March 10 is the official iTunes release date of “Funn”.



Just when I thought it was already late and I should retire to my other luxurious IKEA equipment (aka my bed), Soundcloud had a completely different opinion, exposing me to the deviant mash up genius from Angouleme that goes by the name of DRA’man. “Missing my Car” is a time-defying masterpiece that welds two songs separated by a 47 year gap and make them sound as fresh as Wil.i.am on mint. Do your earbuds a favour and visit his Soundcloud page, there’s loads to discover!


See ya!

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