Mid-Week Madness: Miamigo, The Soundmen, Twin Caverns

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Decision-making is definitely not what you would call one of my strengths; I mean how many people do you know that spend a lifetime contemplating which sock to put on first: the left or the right one? As you can imagine, day by day living becomes a bloody nightmare and this has nothing to do with what you would perceive as “wasted” time (I, personally, find the sock-dilemma an extremely creative process). It’s looking back realising I’ve put on the wrong foot first that makes it extremely annoying! Obviously, this expands to other areas of my life from choosing the right haircut (even though my hair are less than my savings and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I don’t have any savings whatsoever) to the right girlfriend (or even the left one) but most importantly the right…song! Today though, while wearing my left sock first, I thought to myself: why choose? Why not include them all in one post? So, here we go!




First off, are Miamigo: a duet from Brighton; one of the few places in England that can boast a beach that you can actually enjoy (wearing a fur coat obviously)! “Opinions” comes from a futuristic past or a past future, depending how you see it; synths and basslines that would make M.J.Fox himself blush. Add them on Facebook and demand more tracks; that should do the work!







Next up is another duet, from the other side of the globe though. They go by the name of The Soundmen and as they say on their Soundloud “we produce music, we surf, we DJ”; what more could one ask for? “The End of Time” is a collaboration with the Brooklyn based AVAN LAVA, featuring lush synths and vocals sweeter than your grand mom’s apple pie! Their new EP is out in 3, 2, 1…NOW!







Last but, definitely, not least are Twin Caverns. You will find them if you scroll down Google maps…keep on going…ok, stop; Sydney! They describe themselves as “astral soul” and who am I to doubt the artist? Actually, they’re right; there’s something about Louise Millar‘s voice layered on top of Michael Macia‘s aural landscapes that makes you want to travel without moving (James Blake would be so jealous)! You will find three songs (among which a version of Bon Iver‘s Hinnom, TX) on their Soundloud, which means you have three good reasons to visit their page! 



Well, hope this keeps you busy! Hear you soon!

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