Listen: Raury & Vancouver Sleep Clinic- Superfly

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When Kanye West flies out an 18 year old kid from Georgia because of two music videos, you kind of have to look into the guy. Raury, whom has seen an immense amount of attention after his masterfully made music videos, God’s Whisper and Cigarette Song, has just linked up with another fellow phenom who has also risen to popularity out of no where.

The 17 year old Australian, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, first experienced buzz within the blogosphere after the release of his ambient tune, Collapse. Which we proudly posted before it even had 20,000 plays 😉 (it now has over a million).

VSC and Raury have teamed up to create a song that is something magical. Raury, who is somewhat of a more chilled out Pharrell, comes in first over the captivating beat that samples Matt Corby‘s Brother, and absolutely crushes his second verse. Right around the bridge, VSC comes in with some haunting Bon Iver-esque vocals to tie the whole song together. These two young talents mesh so well that it makes me want to believe they have a collaborative EP in the works. No word yet though.

You can grab Raury’s brand new mixtape Indigo Child for free here, which has Superfly on it as well.

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