Listen: Rebecca Clements- Coma Boy

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With an increasing amount of accessibility to recording equipment, musicians are able to get their sound out at a much younger age. Even though this has led to an arguably over-saturated industry, gems such as Tom Misch, and Jackson Breit are able to record in their basement, yet still expose their music across the globe.

The most recent example of a young musician getting heard by thousands, is the 19 year old stunner, Rebecca Clements. Her most latest release, Coma Boy, dips in and out of dark, poetic verses and mesmerizing chorus’s. Despite having only 2 songs on her SoundCloud, her sound is as distinguished as artists who have spent years crafting their style. Everything from her captivating lyrics, to her raw presence, this girl knows what she’s doing. Listen to the young British women and her guitar, and prepare to be amazed.

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