Listen: Telekinesis – “Sleep In”

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This last Sunday morning, my eyes opened a bit earlier than I would have liked. In an almost impulse move, I looked at my phone and before I knew it I was wide-awake looking at nothing on Facebook/instagram/etc.

“Fuck! I missed my only opportunity to sleep in for a whole week.”

This world needs to slow the hell down and I think that starts with not looking for instantaneous gratification in the form of a listicle the second we wake up and rather just go with the groove of what’s happening around us a bit more. Songs like Telekinesis’ “Sleep In” fit this new rhythm of life that I’m looking to adopt, taking your time with things, relaxing and overall just chilling the eff out.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, pop some headphones on and check out the new track from their album Ad Infinitum.

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