Listen: XXYYXX – Unknown (feat. Vanessa Elisha)

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Stop the presses. XXYYXX has released a syrupy lo-fi jam featuring Australia-native, Vanessa Elisha. If you’re a time-tested XXYYXX fan, you’ll notice the return to form Unknown represents. If you’ve never heard of XXYYXX, you’re truly missing out. This 18 year-old Floridian producer (born on Halloween) is probably one of the most innovative young artists out there right now and Unknown only serves to cement that fact.

The song is a down-tempo, muddled nightmare for a good twenty seconds before making a clean shift to crisp production and tasteful effects. I listened to XXYYXX’s first record for about three months straight, but this is a much more ‘mature’ track than the music off of that self-titled debut. That was 2012 though, and this is now.

While the production is stunning, it’s really Vanessa Elisha’s vocals that bind the whole track together. Her style floats effortlessly over the brooding instrumental like black magic. 18 year-old Marcel Everett stretches and augments the tones in her voice like a true pro, resulting in a track that feels much more cohesive than anything we’ve heard from him in the past. I’m a sucker for this specific brand of dark, atmospheric electronica, but this track is really accessible to anyone. Everett has announced that this single will be included on a yet-to-be-named vinyl EP later this year. Stream Unknown below and enjoy The Eargazm!

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