Mid-Week Madness: Lowell, Blackbear, Phonat

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“Thank you London”, screams a sweaty Isabella from The Preatures as she walks down the stage of Water Rats- an iconic shithole somewhere in Central London (even shitholes are iconic here). Outside, the rain is pouring down, as if the skies want London underwater. I zip my coat and start walking. “Is This How You Feel” still echoes in my brain; my ears ringing to the bass. I stop.

“What was that noise? You drunk too much” I mumble to myself, as I turn the next corner, just to hear them much clearer: “The Bells”. I follow them blindly to Lowell‘s world; a world of passion and uncompromised creativity. Backed up by a band more Super than Man (check their credentials and you’ll see what I mean) she creates that kind of ethereal pop that Alice in a deviant Wonderland would listen if she hadn’t left her headphones home. Lowell‘s debut EP “I Killed Sara V.” is out February 25 on Arts & Crafts.

By that time, I realised I wasn’t going back home. I needed some time for myself, so I kept walking in the rainy darkness; memories flooding what used to be a sane brain: memories of lust, betrayal and passion; perfect playground for Blackbear from Hollywood. Don’t be misled by his heartbreaking tone; scratch that soulful surface, unearth the bassline and you’ll find the intimidating truth in his words: “remember we were fucking in the afternoon”, now you wouldn’t say that to a girl, would you? (ok, I would but maybe that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend). February finds him touring the USA, while working on his new album. Connect and you won’t regret!

Struggling to remember when was the last time I had sex in the afternoon, I heard a gritty voice from above singing: “time is a blind man and he never looks back”, but I looked and I found Phonat. Trying to fit “Never” under a genre is like trying to fit J-Lo’s butt in your pants: impossible and actually there’s no reason why you should do it: just let it breathe (I’m talking about the track…)! It’s disco, it’s soul, it’s glitch hop, but most importantly it’s intimate and heartfelt and real and is out through OWSLA on February 18. Oh, shit that’s todayyyy…I’m off to buy it! See ya!

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