Mid-Week Madness: Until The Ribbon Breaks, Elli Ingram, Just Friends

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untiltheribbonbreaksThere’s no better way to start anything in this world than a nice, simple, straight-to-the-bloody-point bluesy guitar riff; and this is exactly how we’re kicking off this Mid-Week Madness! “A Taste of Silver” welcomes you with a (please see above) and a soulful cry leading to an outbreak of drums dirtier than your mouth! “Who’s that?”, you whisper in awe. Make some noise for the Welsh ladies and gents: Until The Ribbon Breaks . “But wait a minute, isn’t it “A Taste of Silver” the name of his latest EP?”, you ask. Correct! “So, where do I get this one?”, you insist. Hmmm, well…it’s the opener of his mind-blowing new EP “The Other Ones“! “Oh, cool, so I’ll go to iTunes and buy it!”, you say sounding really enthusiastic. Well, not really…By that time, you’re most probably experiencing a bout of intense confusion, banging your head against Stonehedge (or any other significant monument that happens to be around you) trying to figure out what the hell is going on! Ok, let’s make things clear, you can find this song ONLY in the US edition of his EP. Before you apply for a visa, let me tell you that God is great and U.T.R.B. greater, as you can get “A Taste of Silver” as a freebie from his Facebook page. Happy?

elliingramFrom Cardiff in Wales, to Brighton in England and Elli Ingram! I have to admit I struggled to define the nature/composition of this act: is it a solo artist, a duet, a band, a collective, a choir? Ok, at first I thought she was a solo artist, i mean it sounds like one, right? Then I went on her Facebook page where I found there are three band members (Elli, Felix and Rudi), so I thought this is a band that goes by the name of the singer (like Bon Jovi with less glitter and curls). If things weren’t complicated enough, I noticed that on the cover there are four people, who naturally brings the question: “who the hell is the fourth guy; a mistake, a stalker, an illusion?”. As it was unlikely I got any answer anytime soon, I started listening to “All Caught Up”; probably the best decision I took in a while. Elli (the singer, the trio, the quartet, the idea) is funkier that your Pants,  groovier than your Heart and has that low-tempo sexy attitude that will make you shake it till you break it. “All Caught Up” feels equally at home in a vintage soul dj set as well as in a 90’s black divas go vocally mental one. Her/their “The Doghouse” EP is out now and you can get it here.


Enough with the UK for today, time to travel! Put on your swimsuit, take a deep breath and start swimming west; it’s a long swim to NYC, but it’s definitely worth it. Imagine the crowd cheering, staring in awe as you enter the port in proper butterfly style! Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of NYC, is here too with a big bouquet of freshly cut flowers to congratulate you on your transatlantic passing; you go past him, you look around perplexed. We all know you’re here for a different reason; you’re here for Just Friends, the NYC duet of Nicolas Jaar and Sasha Spielberg! “Don’t Tell Me” is as haunting as falling in love with a ghost (interestingly enough, you’re not the first one; Patrick Swayze has been there before, right?). It’s so humanly electronic that it becomes organic, but I guess this is what makes Nicolas’ sound so distinctive, right?  “Don’t Tell Me” will come out as a 10″ vinyl Record Store Day release, which means you’ll have to fight your way through thousands of vinyl addicts to get your hands on it, but then again if your digital life is equally important you could get the mp3 through www.other-people.net (issue # 31) NOW!

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