Mid-Week Madness: Roosevelt, ASTR, Kwabs, July Child

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You’re lost in space for days, trapped in your shuttle overlooking Earth, longing for your home back in Mars. It’s lonely up here; you press play on your iPod (even Martians have iPods nowadays) and Roosevelt comes up…what a voice? “Small Hours” is the answer to anyone that doubts the emotional capacity of electronic music; the kind of music that would make even C-3PO shiver (if he had the hair of Chewbacca that is). You would argue that this is a cover (John Martyn’s “Small Hours” from back in the 70’s), but a cover that distances itself from the original so evidently that ends up a distinct entity; an entity with absolute electronic soul! Track Cologne’s Roosevelt here and  wait patiently in your spaceship till it gets released in Joe Goddard’s Greco-Roman imprint.

After 3 months of aimless wandering, you finally land on Earth…what a strange place? These humans are huge; you can see one holding a torch up in the air for hours without moving; seems like you’re in New York! You start shuffling music looking for something new. “ASTR? That sounds like a STAR”, you think to yourself and it definitely sounds like one! Long gone are the days of dry, yawning-inducing pop. Pop is becoming more and more diversified, incorporating elements of cutting edge contemporary music and these two New Yorkers are the perfect example! “Part Of Me” was introduced yesterday by Annie Mac as part of her Free Music Monday…yes, correct…FREE! While you thank Martian Gods for Annie Mac and ASTR, get your hands on their recently released EP here!

Amazed by what humans can do with their voice, you jump on your spaceship and set the coordinates for your next stop: 51.5072° N, 0.1275° W. Two minutes later and an ocean away you have reached your destination and it’s so bloody weird! You can make out the words- it’s the same language- but it sounds so bloody different as if everybody was born a royalty! “Maybe it’s the neighbourhood”, you think and start driving South leaving behind you the clock that’s bigger than Ben; the scenery changes dramatically beating to a different drum: it’s urban and raw and vibrant…at times, it seems like a shithole but it’s from that kind of shitholes that great things emerge: Croydon, Brixton…this is London babe! You look on your left, “Camberwell” it reads and you turn: good decision, cause here you find  the man with the bottomless lungs, Kwabs . “Pray For Love” is primal, primordial, untouched; a man shouting at the moon, a desire that burns like fire (or is it the other way round) and you can hear all that in Plan B‘s production: a naked masterpiece. “Pray For Love” comes out May 6. In the meantime, you can get his recent “Wrong Or Right” EP here!

Your days on Earth are coming to an end and you will soon have to go back to Mars. You like London, so you decide to stay! Why not? I mean where else can you find people so politely rude that even “f*** off” sounds like a welcoming invitation to a philanthropic gala? But not everybody is like that; London is rife with life, motion and emotion, an inspiring playground for artists like July Child. The North London duo are no strangers to theeargazm; following their excellent cover of Le Youth‘s “Cool” they spread the word in live venues around the city. In a recent interview they refuted all “allegations” of a love affair between them! Then, you listen to those emotion-flooding lyrics and you’re like “really?”. “When You Call” is  so elegantly 80’s that you won’t even notice and this is where its magic lies: nothing “screams” here, it’s more of a presence, a feel that slowly creeps your way and before you even realise it, it becomes part of you. Released by Paper Thin Records today (well actually a couple of minutes earlier…someone is showing off here really), it is available as a free download (yuppeeee!). Wanna say thank you for the freebie? Go and see them live on April 26, they’re cool! Have a nice trip back to Mars!

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