Mid-Week Madness: TĀLĀ, My Dear, Lana Del Rey

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Whatever you’ve heard on the News about my 2-week absence from the blog-o-sphere is absolutely true: a hardcore sect of Justin Bieber fans- in a desperate move to have one of his songs featured in theeargazm.com– abducted me while I was singing in the shower with two of my imaginary girlfriends Offspring‘s banger “Pretty Fly For A White Guy“. They dragged me in the middle of the Mojave desert naked waist down, leaving me with just an iPod  full of dubstep remixes of “Boyfriend“. You cannot imagine the pain, the suffering, the despair I went through; here you can get a flavour of what it was like. I wanna thank all of you for the thousands of letters of support but most importantly Queen Elizabeth for sending out Harry Potter to my rescue giving me the opportunity to infest your computers with ultra fresh music from the gardens of theeargazm.com for one more time!

We kick off in proper Mid-Week Madness style from the sun-drenched streets of London. There, sitting by the smelly banks of Thames we find TĀLĀ, an unusual name for a “normal” artist but so fitting for what TĀLĀ represents: a mystic, almost spiritual, interpretation of funk-fuelled pop that defies all norms. I can’t guarantee that “Serbia” is gonna be a love-at-first-listen but give it a second try and it will haunt your days and nights ever after. Having listened to one more track from her upcoming EP “The Duchess“, I bet my tits (whatever that means, but they’re really precious to me) that she’s here to stay! June 2nd is the date you’ll able to get your hands on the vinyl release from Aesop, which gives you plenty of time to stalk her in every possible digital way known to humanity from Soundcloud to Facebook! Did I mention Twitter?

While you tweet your way to eternity, cross the channel that separates England from the rest of Europe and enter the land of  champagne, steel towers in weird shapes and names (i mean why would you ever call a tower “i fell”, you don’t want it to collapse, do you?) and sexy rudeness: it’s France babeee! My Dear is the result of a “Perfect Connection” between Raw Man and Blanche (yes, they’re a duet and yes they happen to be a couple so I’d suggest you stopped writing this e-mail to Blanche saying how sexy her voice is; you don’t want to be hunted down Champs Elysees by a Raw Man). “Perfect Connection” oozes electronic intimacy; close your eyes and you could almost feel their breath as they’re dancing staring at each other! Their “First Time” EP is already out through Parissi la Musique; give ’em a high five on Facebook and show ’em some love here by iTuning their songs!
However hard I tried not to write about the next and last track for this Mid-Week Madness, I just couldn’t resist; cause there’s something so deeply enticing about Lana Del Rey‘s vocals that could lead you jumping off cliffs and bridges before you even realise it; she’s the absolute PPP (Pied Piper of Pop). In its first day of release (which was yesterday), the song has become more viral than Ebola counting more than 50.000 hits on Soundcloud already. Reyters (Lana Del Rey haters) will start ranting about how the music industry shamelessly promotes her music and blah blah blah, which may be true but at least “West Coast” deserves it all the way! Under the influence of producer Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Lana opted for a darker self, howling the blues under the dark side of the pop moon, where surfaces are rough and raw and light hardly ever sees ’em. Expect her new album “Ultraviolence” some time later in the year (not really specific, right? she’s not replying to my messages what can I say?). See ya!

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