Mid-Week Madness: Woman’s Hour, Beverly, Mirah

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If you’re reading this post and you happen to be a flower and more specifically a rose, I suggest you leave this planet as soon as flowery possible! I repeat: evacuate the planet! Yeah, I know you can’t move and I’m really sorry about that but I felt that I needed to warn you. To be honest it’s really unfair; I mean, most usually victims have the option to run to their saviour (animals, in-laws, Liverpool fans), but you’re stuck there on a piece of land carelessly sucking some Sun out of the sky clueless of what’s coming next; well, February 14 is coming next: the day when people fall in love with the person they’ve been hating all year long: their partner! I know, it doesn’t make sense, but then again what does? Well, music does and today it’s an all female-affair: a woman going solo, a woman surrounded by men and an all-female band! So, this is how it goes:




First off, three gents and a lady: Woman’s Hour; the four piece band based in London that proves not all guitar players are in a rush. William gives all the time and space his strings need to create a dreamlike state; an ideal playground for Fiona as she sings with that naive eeriness  “I got nothing to say to a ghost”.  “Her Ghost” is out through Secretly Canadian on a 7″ sometime in March, but there’s always iTunes for all of you that can’t wait!


Now, take the men out of the equation and keep the ladies singing, or to be more precise: the lady! Mirah comes all the way from Brooklyn (originally from Philly) and is definitely not a newbie in the music scene. Creating incorruptible indie pop (as she describes her sound) for many years now, she has more releases than your fingers can count, unless you have some kind of rare genetic predisposition that gifted you with at least three hands…“Oxen Hope” builds stealthily around her inhumanly human voice that manages to keep you listening till she breathes out the last words. Her solo album “Changing Light” will be released through her own  ‘Absolute Magnitude Recordings’ label some time this coming May.


By that time, you must be convinced that- if anything- ladies can sing but…can they rock? I can see some of you at the back grinning in disbelief. Well, these girls are here to take that grin away! Beverly is the duo of Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls/Crystal Stilts/Dum Dum Girls) and Drew Citron (Ava Lava) for whom the calendar is evidently stuck in the 90’s! Don’t expect gimmicks, gadgets and gizmos. Things here are simple, raw, and utterly addictive; exactly as they need to! “Honey Do” will be featured on their debut album, due this summer on Kanine.

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