MP3: Beyond Rivers – Old and Young

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beyond rivers

Waking up was rough this morning after celebrating the first Wednesday back from Spring Break. Head pounding. Stomach in knots. Dignity no where to be found. “Rough morning” may be an understatement.

Luckily, I found a song that’s great for the typical thursday morning hangover that only college* can bring (*and not need an intervention).

Today we have Old and Young, by Beyond Rivers. What sunlight and loud noises are to a hangover, Old and Young is a tall glass of ice water, dark room, and bean bag chair to sink into and sulk away your day of pain. Soothing, relaxing, calming — this song is perfect for recovery and meditation.

Beyond Rivers tends to do that. These guys do a spectacular job of keeping their music laid-back and enjoyable. Listening to Old and Young after getting a ride from a friend that was pumping a top 40 radio station was medicine for my wounded ears and soul. Sweet relief.

Relatively new to the music game, Beyond Rivers is working on putting out new songs. After only a year of existence, BR has secured gigs at several venues around the UK, and continue to grow.

Rejoice, because all of Beyond Rivers’ songs come with a FREE DOWNLOAD from their soundcloud page. Only three are listed right now, but it is enough to hold me over (and cure my hangover) for now.

The band lacks an official website for now (which makes it difficult to learn more info about them), but check out Beyond Rivers’ Facebook page to receive news and updates regarding the band.

May all your nights be merry, and hangovers few. And if the morning-after looks bleak, flip on this tune and cheer your self up with the sweet sounds of Old and Young by Beyond Rivers. Get Your Earz Wet!

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