MP3: Blondfire – Walking With Giants Shreddie Mercury Remix

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As a long standing fan of Shreddie Mercury’s amazing remixes, this one comes as no surprise when it hits your eardrums so nicely. This remix is one of Blondfire’s songs, Walking With Giants. We’ve decided to keep the tracks uptempo today, lighthearted, fun. Blondfire has a funny little story about how their name originated: “We were driving around with friends and someone said ‘I smell a bonfire,’” she recalls. “We thought they said ‘Blondfire,’ and at first we kind of jokingly said it should be our name – but it stuck. We liked the fact that it was masculine and feminine at the same time. It represented who we are in a cool way.” Haha, how cool. Get a load of this Shreddie Mercury Remix of one of Blondfire’s best. Oh, and check out the FREE DOWNLOAD! Get Your Ears Wet!

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